An Average American's Guide To Display Cases - Show Your Best

Sports Memorabilia

From major leagues to NCAA to local heroes

Interior Design Ideas: Office

Business people are constantly meeting new people. You don’t have to be a CEO to meet new colleagues, potential vendors, hiring candidates and more. Displays in offices are great conversation starters. Whether the orientation is sports, military service or scale model car or other collection… display cases with related memorabilia or collectibles, helps break the ice.

Sports is a frequent analogy used in business conversation, so display cases with football helmets, baseball helmets, baseball bats, basketballs, basketball jerseys – you name it – can really set the stage. Or, a collection of scale model cars would be appropriate to a business focused on performance. A collection of race car scale models comes immediately to mind, but a collection of legendary cars often motivates thinking about achievement and bold thinking.

Larger offices and dens let you build displays around a theme. Themes can include personal history or era of society; a favorite athlete or team; distinguished service in the military or public safety forces. To create themes, think about multiples. Just to pay homage to a championship sports team, you can display multiple balls, helmets, goals, bats, jerseys and magazine covers.

Don’t let a cubicle stop you. In fact, it’s important to your career that you distinguish your space within the labyrinth. There’s more room on the desk area than ever before as computers are constantly downsizing. Consider desk-sized display cases for your favorite athlete or sports team or your favorite marque or racing team. Management will know you’re serious about accomplishment when you put a mounted jersey outside your cubicle!

Tip: vary the dimensions and diversity of memorabilia or collectibles to maximize visual impact. So don’t just have all baseballs, add a helmet, a base and jersey!

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Interior Design Ideas: Home

People come over to your home to meet you, get to know you. Sure… we all are interested in how other folks decorate their house, but we are not trying to pick up interior design tricks. We want to know something about you. People are what are interesting, not furniture choice.

So why not create within one room to putting your interests and passions, your memories and histories and achievements, on display!

In choosing a display case, you will want to consider the look of your home. If your home is based on wood, a great many Legacy Display Cases are based on wood. If your home is contemporary, with a leather couch or sofa, other cases fit right in with sharp looking acrylic and cool-looking risers. We even have display cases where the football floats in mid-air!

You may have a child or relative who is particularly accomplished. Use displays that inspire you on a daily basis to enjoy his / her accomplishment. It might be athletic achievement or distinguished service in the military, police or public safety arms.

Let your home speak volumes about what you admire and appreciate!

Tip: consider grouping mountable displays together on the wall for maximum impact!

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How to Mount a Sports Jersey

E-Z-Jersey Snap-Shut Display System

The E-Z-Jersey system takes 35% less space than the average jersey display case. It is only 34” x 28”, and 2 1/4” deep. The average jersey display is 34” x 42”.

It takes only one person to hang it. Each jersey system has five predrilled holes. Attach the frame back cavity to the wall by utilizing the middle hole, rotate until level, and complete by screwing in the 4 corner holes. It’s that easy. The holes are obscured by either the jersey hanger or the jersey itself. No unsightly holes are visible.

Included is an excess jersey gathering up bar. It allows you to gather up the excess jersey, and arrange it, so your jersey looks like a professional framer designed it.

Each system comes with 2 clear acrylic jersey hangers. One is for the very difficult to display basketball jersey, because of its open sleeves. The other is designed to hang a baseball jersey one way, but when turned upside down, it becomes a straight should line for a football or hockey type jersey. The hangers are slotted and fit precisely on the molded jersey cavity hanging bar.

The snap-on deluxe 2 3/8” profile frame simply snaps perfectly into place when the frame is ready to be closed. It is secured by four magnets and a “Z” bar on the top inside of the frame, out of sight, that prevents the frame from being accidentally knocked off. It’s child-proof and buddy-proof!

Mounting Instructions for E-Z Jersey Case

We recommend using drywall anchors on drywall and concrete anchors on concrete.

Place the E-Z framed jersey face aside. Then put the jersey encasement against the wall and mark the middle hole. Put the encasement aside. Install the middle anchor. Place the encasement back on the wall and screw into the middle anchor. Rotate the encasement until the case is level. Mark the four remaining holes. Unscrew the middle anchor and place the cavity aside. Install the four remaining anchors. Secure the cavity back to the wall by screwing into all five anchors.

Place your jersey over the acrylic jersey hanger. Each system comes with 2 clear acrylic jersey hangers. One is for a basketball jersey, with open sleeves. The other is specifically designed to hang a baseball jersey one way and when turned upside down it becomes a straight shoulder line for a football or hockey jersey. These hangers are slotted and fit precisely on the molded, jersey cavity hanging devise.

Place the framed jersey face over the E-Z jersey cavity now mounted on the wall. Make sure you place the clear acrylic safety bar (the bar on top of the framed jersey face) over the outer edge of the E-Z jersey cavity.

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