South Pacific Air Base

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  • Out of Production
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GMP N/A N/A South Pacific Air Base diecast car
  • Scale: 1:35
  • Brand: GMP
  • Code: GMP3502502
  • Note: South Pacific Fighter Diorama

Here's how to display your WWII fighters! Terrific South Pacific diorama includes three mechanics all with period correct clothing and who share the same goal, to get their plane back in action. Giving the setting a realistic touch is jungle brush and fallen palm leaves on the island floor complete with real sand, and even a hammock below the two tall palm trees. You can position the worktable for the day’s assignments; engine maintenance, refueling from the drums, or re-arm your warplane from the ammo boxes kept secure with razor wire and more! The diorama is enclosed in a wooden base that can be secured with an optional glass top.

Does not include plane replica.

-GMP Staff

  • Our Price: $86.35
  • Out of Production
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